Vdo2Learn benefits to Institutes:

  • Supplement college teaching. Students will have access to exam-oriented, outcome-based video content which they can study in addition to college lectures to supplement their understanding and preparation. It is also a great missed-class support so that students are able to reconnect to on-going lesson flow if they have missed any in past.
  • Complement college-teaching. Faculty can assign video lessons to students as a pre-learn activity before the classroom session on the Topic so that they can come prepared.
  • Revisionary resourcefor students before the exams.
  • GATE preparationand for other competitive-exam for all or select students.
  • Showcase initiativefor NBA accreditation
  • Being a project-based implementation, the investment proposal for the institute will be determined after considering the chosen Coverage and the Implementation options, committed number of seats or students, duration of contract and other scope of work.