Vdo2Learn benefits to Institutes:

  • Supplement college teaching. Students will have access to exam-oriented, outcome-based video content which they can study in addition to college lectures to supplement their understanding and preparation. It is also a great missed-class support so that students are able to reconnect to on-going lesson flow if they have missed any in past.
  • Complement college-teaching. Faculty can assign video lessons to students as a pre-learn activity before the classroom session on the Topic so that they can come prepared.
  • Revisionary resource for students before Semeter exams.
  • Shared Usage Plan: A shared VideoPlayTime (VPT) plan is used by all students. No wastage or hoarding. Everybody gets access at the same time
  • Monitoring: College admin dashboard to view per student per activity utilisation of resources. Top-up at any time
  • Free-Hour: Each student also gets a free-hour of usage upon enrolment
  • Syllabus-Customised : Courses are finely customised as per curriculum of each paper code of the affiliating University or DTE/BTE.

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