• Dynamic Active-Learning Pedagogy: Student competency for each Topic is built-up by 3 distinct progressive modules: Active Learning Modules, Summary Quiz and Outcome review, and Problem Solving Modules to ensure students will overcome any challenges in their lifelong learning endeavour.
  • Customised per paper-code: Each Topic of Syllabus is carefully mapped and provided for.
  • Learning Outcomes Curriculum Framework: A detailed LOCF is adopted where each Active Learning Outcome, and Problem Learning Outcome is tested for attainment several times, and in different ways
  • Integrated Foundation program for GATE/SSC: The GFP or SFP exposes student to higher order thinking skills from GATE/SSC level, and ensures high competency in complex problem solving, so very desired by Employers and higher-education,
  • Completion Certificate: Upon completion of the Course, students are eligible for a verifiable Completion and Competency Certificate.
  • Personal Study Plan: A dynamic PSP can be drawn-up specific to impending exam and Activity-load which will track each day’s progress and remainder work.
  • Adaptive Competency Tests: Unique ACT at Unit and Course level will enable students to test their level.

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