ForeSight2Learn or FS2L is a blended learning model for Engineering and Applied Science Colleges. The pedagogy construct includes a) Resolution of curriculum into Outcome based Learning Activities and performance measurement mapped into NBA’s Course Outcomes and Program Outcomes, b) Programmatic release of Pre-Learn Videos and subsequent dependent content per Topic, b) Face-to-Face faculty sessions in a ‘Flipped Class Teaching’ method using a unique Review & Recall Quiz and analysis, as well as group activities, c) based on the RRQ performance prescribe Remedial intervention via small-group tutorial or advanced subject-matter exposure using Post-Session Activities, d) Building the knowledge construct at a Section or Unit level towards Complex Engineering Problems and work place communication.

FS2L is an Bespoke implementation which may be finetuned to suit the Institute’s operational constraints. When fully implemented, FS2L will constructively transform the teaching-learning paradigm in the Institutes and align them better with global standards and industry expectations.