2WayLive is a Tele-education platform. It could also be viewed as an Educational Video-Conferencing solution. It creates 2-way, real-time connections between a Teacher teaching from a central studio and students studying at remote classrooms. Using a combination of 2-way high-definition audio/video links, real-time chat, data connections and synchronous assessment tools, a Teacher can reach and teach a large number of students sitting at remote classrooms, with the same ease and effectiveness as they would have in a physical classroom setting.

2WayLive can be set up using Leased lines, MPLS-VPN links, Internet Leased lines, consumer broadband internet, 4G mobile broadband links or a combination of these capacities.
A central studio is setup at the Teacher location. Remote students sit in outlying classrooms. The teacher may continue to teach his physical class while relaying his class to outlying classrooms.


Teaching remote classrooms has never been easier!


Whether you are a Coaching Center seeking to expand your network, a College planning live courses for skilling, flip-class, part-time/distance learning or continuing education, or a Corporate seeking to train staff at your own office or affiliate locations, 2WL will enable you to quickly establish and deliver efficient and cost-effective synchronous teaching to a number of locations. 2WL’s flexible configuration and customization could potentially fit almost all business needs – from 10 sites to 10,000 sites.