• B2L is a Instructor-led Blended-Learning system, which can be adapted for Fully-online, Fully-physical or a hybrid mix of the two. Invaluable in times of pandemic, the system is demanding as well as dynamic to fit the needs of any teaching arrangement
  • Powerful FlipClass Pedagogy: A systematic schedule of PreClass, Liveclass and Interventional Activities is setup in a FlipClass pedagogy for optimal results
  • Learning Outcomes Curriculum Framework
  • Integrated LiveClass with ActiveQuiz: Mobile based Active Quiz transforms passive reception to Active participation
  • Attendance, Gradebook, Forum, Notifications are some of the capabilities of 2Learn LMS platform
  • Advanced Reporting & Analysis
  • B2L works well for Institutes aiming for NBA accreditation in pursuit of academic excellence, international student mobility and uplifting academic rigor in their institute.

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