Assessing student’s understanding of the concept being taught in the class has always been a challenge for all teachers. All too frequently attentive faces, nodding heads and agreeable body language proves beguiling. As a Teacher you would have experienced this often. You are taking the class through an involved concept. Just as you started feeling assured that many of the present audience are understanding the taught concept and you throw in a few searching questions, you discover instead that there is ‘a gap’ in the understanding. The gap could be BIG or small, but it is vital, and you have to recover some, or a lot, of lost ground again. This gap could be because of prior learning or a lack of it; random association to some personal or collective experience or interpretation, an experiential construct or just wandering attention etc, but there is a gap for sure. It could be with ‘one’ or ‘many’ students. As a Teacher you are concerned with this issue, for you know that if this misconception is not corrected in the nick of time, it may have consequences.

You seek a tool which could help you peer into the minds of students and help you assess, on a real time basis, on what to correct. It should be effortless, allow you to drill-down in detail and document the performance over a period of time.

RealTime Quiz is a standalone implementation for face to face classes which allows you to do all of the above and more.

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