Why 2WayLive?

Teaching remote classrooms has never been easier!

Whether you are a Coaching Center seeking to expand your center network, or a College planning live courses for skilling, flip-class, part-time/distance learning or continuing education. Or a Corporate seeking to train staff at your own office or affiliate locations, 2WL enables you to quickly establish and deliver efficient and cost-effective synchronous teaching to a number of locations. 2WL’s flexible configuration and customization could potentially fit almost all business needs – from 10 sites to 10,000 sites.

Based on the required interaction and other features L1, L2, L3 implementation options may be considered.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Secure 1-way transmission of Faculty session  ✔
2-stage authentication of remote sites  ✔  ✔  ✔
Interactive Star Chat  ✔  ✔
2-way Audio collaboration  ✔
Bandwidth Aggregation Tool  ✔  ✔
Low-delay Interation Mode  ✔  ✔
Return Video  ✔
Student Presence System  ✔
RealTime Student Response System  ✔
3-Mode interactive Quiz  ✔
LMS support  ✔
Video Archive Support  ✔