Throughout human history, a person’s ‘family of birth’ determined their fortune. For instance, in the Agrarian age, family occupation, land, possessions and place-in-society determined what a person will or can do. Similarly in the Industrial age, access to Capital, largely through family influence, determined progress or prosperity.
A marked discontinuity emerged with the onset of Information Age. Irrespective of descent, clan, color, capital or gender a person could achieve the desired ascent in life largely by the acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills. Access to specialized knowledge enabled people to break barriers and glass ceilings, and by the dint of free will choose livelihood, lifestyle, the circle of influence and even citizenship. Education became the true liberator!

Just as right and effective education is the fountainhead, the foundation – the Neev – of a glorious and liberated future, similarly EduNeev seeks to become the bearer and the harbinger of glorious opportunities to achieve one’s rightful potential future. Using its technology solutions, EduNeev will create access to high-grade, meaningful and outcome-oriented education, specially for time and distance-constrained aspirants, and enable them progress towards a better future.