2Learn is a carefully crafted Outcome-oriented, video-based learning system for success in Curriculum Studies and Test Prep for Engineering and Applied Science students.

It comprises of a portfolio of exam-focussed Video based courses setup and presented according to the requirement of respective Examination Body such as State University, Private University, BTE/DTE, IEI, PSU, UPSC etc.

2Learn’s product domains, Examination Bodies and Disciplines are summarised below.



Students of BTech and Diploma in Engineering and Technology for ME, CE, CS, EE, EX and their derivative disciplines can find the courses for core engineering subjects of their Universities / Board within 2Learn’s portfolio.

Similarly BCA and MCA students as well as BSc students of Math/Stats, CS&IT, Electronics and Physics can find courses for core subjects of their University within 2Learn’s portfolio.

The video courses are conducted in a mix of Hindi and English, with English script but much of the explanation has been done in every-day, understandable manner, which should be understood by almost all students across India and its neighbours.