Why EnggTestPrep?

In the increasingly technology-driven world, the economic success of any entity – be it a company or a country, is increasingly driven by its technological prowess rather than access to capital or natural resources. This technological excellence is founded in the engineering knowledge and technical enthusiasm of their youth. It is vital for emerging India to harness the spirit and energy of its youth towards technology and engineering studies.

Evidently, the state of engineering education in our country is mired in a multitude of ills, the primary being an ever-widening gap in the availability and quality of engineering faculty, low quality of teaching in colleges, and poor focus on subject fundamentals. Steeped in rote-learning from their school days, young engineers are bereft of scientific temper, the spirit of enquiry, and quality focus on their core subjects. Post-college employability, and in fact life-long employability is founded in core engineering competence and rigorous study of engineering fundamentals.


EnggTestPrep is a young initiative seeking to bridge this competency gap, by creating access for aspiring engineers to quality content and high-caliber faculty via technology. Through a carefully-architected sequence of interactive video lessons, stimulating assessments, innovative pedagogy, and accurate analysis, EnggTestPrep will create an opportunity for young aspiring engineering to achieve excellence in their chosen stream of study, wherever they might be.