What is EnggTestPrep?

EnggTestPrep in its simplest term, Engineering Test Preparation is an online program that provides you complete, exhaustive, authentic and reliable preparation tools to enable you to succeed in your chosen challenge. The course treatment will be tailored to your specific needs. Based on your enrolment details and achieved scores, you will be provided the appropriate Lesson and Assessments flow. Curriculum subjects comprise a number of CourseUnits. CUs are divided into Topics, and Topics include Content Modules and Assessment Modules as per your examining body syllabi. A comprehensive lineup of Content modules and Assessment Modules will ensure that all topics, question-types, probable questions etc are comprehensively covered.

Sections comprise of Content Modules (lessons), Problem Solving Modules (PSM) and Assessment Modules (Tests). Starting with Level 1 or ‘fundamental-level’ teaching, Higher difficulty (Level 2 and Level 3) content modules will be presented. Interactive video lessons check your understanding regularly using lesson-embedded formative assessments and guide you back to revisit the concept if and as required. Problem Solving Module (PSM) videos detail Past Year Questions (PYQ), and Course Unit Summative Assessments enable you to test your understanding against PYQ-based tests. Detailed explanations, hints, feedback support your learning.

Help is readily at hand through Forums and Chat sessions with Subject Matter Experts. EnggTestPrep grades your tests and presents a number of reports and analysis on your coverage, progress, strong-weak areas etc. All types of questions are addressed ranging from Objective-Type-Questions, Short-Answer-Questions, and Long-Answer-Questions, commensurate with the respective tests. A unique Revisionary Module, closer to your exams will provide high-probability questions, mock-tests, and special revisionary sessions. A fully integrated calendar feature helps you stay on track and promptly notifies you should you lag behind your set-goals.

EnggTestPrep is a complete Learning Management System, which if followed diligently, will ensure high-success in your chosen challenge.