WHAT IS 2WayLive?

2WayLive is a Tele-education platform. It can also be called an EVC or Educational Video-Conferencing solution. It creates 2-way, lives, real-time connections between Teachers teaching from central studios and Students studying in remote classrooms. Using 2-way high definition audio/video, real-time chat, data, and synchronous assessment, a Teacher can reach and teach students sitting in a number of remote classrooms, just as they would have in a physical classroom.

2WayLive can be set up using VSAT network, Leased lines, MPLS-VPN links, Internet Leased lines, consumer broadband internet, 4G mobile broadband links as well as a combination of these links. For instance, it can be deployed over a cost-effective combination of multicast-Satellite and unicast-internet links simultaneously.

A central studio is implemented at the Teacher location. Remote students sit in outlying classrooms. The teacher may continue to teach his physical class while relaying his class to outlying classrooms. Based on the desired level of 2way interaction, a 1Way, a near-2Way, and a Full-2Way implementation can be architected, with the corresponding setup at the studios and classrooms.